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About Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy

Welcome to Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy, your expert in osteopathic care located near Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Our team of skilled osteopaths, specialized in treatments for jaw and neck complaints, pelvic pain, sports injuries, and care for singers, adults, babies, and children, is ready to assist you in optimizing your health. Our osteopaths combine profound medical knowledge with a holistic approach. We aim for long-term improvement and a healthy lifestyle in close collaboration with highly qualified medical and paramedical specialists. Discover how our personalized osteopathy treatments can enhance your well-being. At Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy, near the beautiful Vondelpark, you are in good hands for a comprehensive health approach.

What does an osteopath do?

At Amsterdam Osteo, an osteopath looks at how different systems in our body work together. This is done on the basis of the 'five-system model', which consists of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the circulatory system, the metabolic system and the emotional system.


Body as a chain

The human body functions as a cohesive chain of muscles, tendons, joints, nerves and blood vessels. This complex interaction allows us to perform various bodily functions.


The body is a master at compensating for disorders, so that we can continue to function. However, offsets have their limits and can eventually lead to complaints.

When this cooperation is disrupted, various complaints can arise.


Don't just think of muscle and tendon problems, but also of symptoms such as tingling, headache, abdominal complaints and fatigue.


Discover how restoring balance in the body contributes to relieving complaints. Click here to schedule an appointment at our practice today and experience the benefits of an optimized body chain.


Searching for the underlying cause

Compensatory disorders in the body, potentially caused by a multitude of factors such as past injuries, surgeries, infections, accidents, childbirth, prolonged computer work, stress periods, scars, and more, can be effectively addressed at our osteopathy clinic.

Intriguingly, these disorders may have originated years ago and in different parts of your body. Our specialized osteopaths focus on identifying the underlying cause of these issues. Through our comprehensive intake and examination process, we delve into your body's complete history and current usage. We offer personalized care, taking into account individual needs, and we provide expert treatment for both male and female patients.

Experience the targeted treatment approach at our osteopathy practice, providing chronic pain relief by addressing the root cause of your discomfort. Discover how this can contribute to long-lasting relief from your symptoms. Schedule here your first appointment with us easily here.


Cause-focused treatment of the entire body

At our osteopathy clinic, we thoroughly examine the entire body, irrespective of whether your discomfort lies in your ankle, back, abdomen, head, or shoulder. During our holistic osteopathic treatment, we look beyond the immediate symptoms you're experiencing; our goal is to find the underlying cause of your distress.

Our personalized care is grounded in the understanding that every body has its unique history and compensatory mechanisms. By targeting the root cause of the problem, we offer solutions that not only alleviate your symptoms but also prevent them from recurring.

Experience the benefits of an osteopathic treatment that prioritizes finding and addressing the source of your pain. Click here to schedule an appointment and discover how osteopathy can significantly enhance your quality of life and overall well-being.




During my work as a physio/manual therapist and craniofacial therapist, I encountered issues where symptoms would decrease but often return later. As an osteopath, you treat multiple facets and typically succeed in addressing the core of the problem.

Read more about Robert here.

As a former marine, I now work with great enthusiasm as an osteopath. This gives me a unique perspective on the human body and mental challenges. Together with you, I'm eager to embark on the mission towards better health!


Read more about Arjan here.

Anila Kramer osteopaat osteopath

Passionate about pelvic health from the start of my osteopathy career, I am adept at treating all body regions. Looking forward to aiding more clients in our holistic, multidisciplinary practice.

Read more about Anila here


As a holistic and orthomolecular physician, I seek the root cause of symptoms. Nutrition and lifestyle form the foundation of our health, but comprehensive blood and stool tests often provide significant insight.


Read more about Sophie here.


With these complaints, we could assist you as an osteopath



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Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy

WGplein 310, 1054SG Amsterdam

Tel: 085-2006490


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