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Anila Kramer osteopaat osteopath

Anila Kramer

"Life is Motion."

Anila Kramer graduated as an osteopath from College Sutherland and focuses on women's health and pelvic-related problems.

Her dedication to women's health is reinforced by her recent thesis on endometriosis, in which she examined the collaboration between conventional medicine and osteopathy. This study further fueled her passion for understanding and treating women's ailments.

During a consultation, Anila uses a treatment style that is coordinated, attentive and not forcefull. She believes in listening to her patients and, along with her expertise, provides customized care to address specific needs.

Whether you are looking for relief from specific complaints or want to work towards a healthier lifestyle, Anila Kramer is ready to guide you to lead a balanced and healthy life.

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Education and courses


Osteopathy College Sutherland​

Osteopathy for pregnancy and pelvic complaints (College Sutherland)

Osteopathy for jaw and jaw related complaints (internal training)


Anila Kramer osteopath AGBcode: 90117955  and NRO member (NRO-)


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