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Arjan Breeuwsma

“An osteopath is only a human engineer, who should understand all the laws governing his engine and thereby master disease”

Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Jaw Specialist, Orofacial Specialist, Craniofacial Therapy (CRAFTA).

Arjan Breeuwsma was accepted as a marine in 2008, where he worked for thirteen years as a parachutist, special forces operator, and physical trainer.


The significant injury he sustained became his motivation to pursue a study in physiotherapy alongside his full-time position at the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, at THIM, the International School for Physiotherapy in Nieuwegein.

To further specialize, he then pursued a Master's degree in Osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy and successfully completed it with a final research project on the autonomic nervous system and the jaw joint. With his knowledge and experience in osteopathy, he aims to better understand the origins and solutions of complaints.


Characteristic of his approach is that he assists his clients by stimulating, motivating, and sharing knowledge with them. He doesn't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach. Each treatment plan is tailored to a specific need and challenge, taking into account one's lifestyle. A plan consists of a carefully developed balance between 'hands-on' treatment and 'hands-off' exercises and training. A prerequisite for success is that training should be enjoyable. Rehabilitation always requires hard work. You have to do more of what you can do and less of what causes problems.

In his holistic approach, where he looks at not only the physical but also the mental challenges, he places the individual at the center of the treatment plan and helps them develop a strong mindset. Together with his clients, he discusses what is necessary to succeed in their mission.


If Arjan's story resonates with you and you want to experience what osteopathy can do for you, schedule an appointment here directly.

Education and courses



Master of Science Osteopathie, International Academy of Osteopathy, Zeist

Fysiotherapeut, Internationale School voor Fysiotherapie (THIM)

Post HBO

Craniomandibulaire-, craniofaciale dysfuncties en het craniale zenuwstelsel (CRAFTA®)

Dry Needling wervelkolom, extremiteiten en kaakregio (OMT)

Manuele technieken extremiteiten en wervelkolom (IAO)

Oro-myofunctionele therapie OMFT (Myoresearch)
Tactical training systems (EXOS)

Training specialist kaak-/hoofd-/nek- en halsklachten (Intern)

Arjan Breeuwsma is BIG-geregisteerd zorgverlener: 29928472304


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