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Osteopathy for Athletes at Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy

As an athlete, both you and the sports osteopath are very aware of our health and physical condition. As a healthcare professional with a background in the Marine Corps, Arjan now offers services at Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy that are focused on optimizing the health and performance of athletes. With his military background and his current medical knowledge as an osteopath, he can improve your physical performance like no other. Arjan understands like no other what intensive training, discipline, and performance psychology can do for athletes at various levels.

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What is sports osteopathy?

Sports osteopathy, a branch of osteopathy focused on injury prevention, treats overstrain during sports activities. The holistic perspective of a sports osteopath considers the body as a whole, where the cause of pain elsewhere in the body can lie. Therefore, not only local but also chronic complaints can be effectively addressed, allowing you as an athlete to once again enjoy your activities or hobbies without worry.



Complaints where sports osteopathy can be effective:

  • Tennis elbow / Golfer's elbow

  • Heel spur

  • Calf cramps

  • Knee complaints

  • Shoulder pain

  • Groin complaints

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Recurring inflammations of tendons and joints

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Why go to a sports osteopath?

The increasing popularity of sports unfortunately leads to more injuries, and sports osteopathy provides a solution here. A specialized sports osteopath analyzes movements, sports equipment, and training schedules to prevent injuries and alleviate chronic complaints.

To further develop yourself, you also need mental resilience. These skills can be valuable for athletes, especially when it comes to focusing on improving your own rehabilitation process.

Sports osteopathy treats both contact and non-contact injuries, with a focus on injury prevention and restoring the body's overall balance. It is relevant for both amateurs and professionals, such as cyclists, runners, footballers, and ballet dancers.

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Balance for Peak Performance

Everyone knows that sports are healthy. Exercising too much or without proper recovery can lead to overstraining your body. Continuously pushing beyond your limits can cause damage to your body. That's why your sports osteopath doesn't only focus on inflammations in muscles and joints but also on bodily imbalances, your immune system, and tackling fatigue. Stress management and performance psychology are also inseparable from our holistic approach.

Prevention is an essential part of sports osteopathy. This includes thinking about your sports habits and possible adjustments so that acute or chronic injuries can be avoided as much as possible.

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What do you get from us?

After your extensive intake and initial treatment of both contact and non-contact injuries, you'll gain insight into your complaint. In subsequent appointments, we will create a personalized plan with you.

Together we will work on optimizing your sports performance and achieving a balanced body equilibrium. 

Make an Appointment and Costs

Make an appointment here with our sports osteopath Arjan Breeuwsma and find more information about the costs.

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