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Osteopathy for babies at Amsterdam Osteo

As a father of three daughters, Robert has always had a special interest in the care of babies. As an osteopath, he can play a crucial role in this. After completing his training as an osteopath, Robert further specialized in osteopathy for babies. Over the years, he has built a network of doctors and pediatric physiotherapists with whom he collaborates when necessary for a multidisciplinary approach

Slapende baby

Conditions Where Osteopathy Can Be Effective:

  • The "Crying Baby"

  • Colic Pain and Abdominal Cramps

  • Reflux

  • Torticollis and Preferred Head Positions

  • Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Shape)

  • Tongue Tie Issues

Schedule an Appointment Now


Is your child experiencing any of these symptoms? Then schedule an appointment for osteopathic treatment for babies right here. Select 'Baby Osteopathy' as the area of focus in the appointment form.


If there are no online slots available, please call us at 085 200 6490. For the littlest ones, we are happy to make space as soon as possible. Occasionally, last-minute openings may become available due to cancellations

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Costs and Reimbursement


The cost of a baby osteopathy appointment is €75 per session.


Payment is made immediately after the appointment through a payment link. The invoice will be sent to you via email, allowing you to potentially submit it to your health insurance provider if you have an alternative supplementary package. Typically, you may receive half of the cost reimbursed. For the exact reimbursement details, please contact your health insurance provider.

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