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Robert Kuizenga

"If you do what you did, you'll get what you got."

To achieve sustainable recovery, some behavioral changes are often necessary. What are you changing to feel better?

Robert Kuizenga graduated as a general physiotherapist from the Thim van der Laan Academy in 2007. He then completed his master's degree in manual therapy at SOMT University. Subsequently, Robert obtained his master's degree in manual therapy from the Free University of Brussels. In addition to these specializations, he has also delved into dry needling, ultrasound, and occupational physiotherapy. Furthermore, he received certification as a Craniofacial therapist from the Cranio Facial Therapy Academy (CRAFTA®). This highly specialized training focuses on manual therapy for the treatment of pain and disorders in the head, neck, jaw, and neck areas (TMD/Temporomandibular dysfunctions). In addition to his expertise as a physio/manual therapist and craniofacial therapist, Robert also has a professional background as a classical singer ( This experience has contributed to his development in the field of body posture, issues in the neck, head, jaw, and throat areas, as well as vocal problems.


During his work as a physio/manual therapist and craniofacial therapist, Robert discovered that complaints often reoccurred after a period of improvement. As an osteopath, he is able to address multiple facets and usually treat the core of the problem. Therefore, Robert pursued osteopathic training at the International Academy of Osteopathy. As a teacher of osteopathy at Thim College of Osteopathy, Robert imparts his enthusiasm for the discipline to his students.

The strength of osteopathy lies in its holistic approach, addressing multiple systems. With longer treatment sessions lasting up to 45 minutes, it is possible to effectively address the root cause of the complaint. For example, poor lifestyle choices can lead to overstimulation of the liver, which in turn places the body in a rotation pattern and contributes to persistent shoulder problems. To tackle the core issue, an osteopath focuses not only on treating joint mobility and fascia around the shoulder but also on the mobility of the liver's connective tissue and related structures (e.g., the diaphragm). Additionally, advice will be given on nutrition and lifestyle to provide a comprehensive approach.


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Education and courses


Master of Science Osteopathie, International Academy of Osteopathy, Zeist
Master na Master of Science Manuele therapie, Vrije Universiteit, Brussel
Master manuele therapie, SOMT University, Amersfoort


Arbeidsfysiotherapie, Saxion hogeschool

Opleiding Fysiotherapie, Thim van der Laan, Nieuwegein

Post HBO

Big 5 osteopathy for babies (Pro Osteo)

Vocalcare Dr. Liebermann (Pro Osteo)

Headache in children (CRAFTA®)

Oro-myofunctionele therapie OMFT (Myoresearch)

Méér dan larynxmanipulatie (Einders)

Cranio mandibulaire dysfuncties: dissectie, diagnose, behandeling (VU Brussel)

Management van craniofaciale dysfuncties en pijn (CRAFTA®)

Cranio cervical dysfunctions, (CRAFTA®)

Schouder revalidatie deel 2 (A. Cools)

Cervico- oculaire dysfuncties en balans (CRAFTA®)

Hoofdpijn bij kinderen (CRAFTA®)

Craniomandibulaire-, craniofaciale dysfuncties en het craniale zenuwstelsel(CRAFTA®)

Dry Needling hoog cervicale regio (G. de Lint)

Dry Needling DNS hoofd /halsregio (M. van Rumpt) 

Clinical neurodynamics (M.Shacklock)

Dry Needling DNS ( Moor)

Echografist MSU (M.Schmitz)

Impingement Syndroom schouder (R. Schuitemaker)

Mulligan ABC (R.Claassen)

Medical taping (R.Claassen)

Back to Golf (R.Claassen)

Opleiding Balanstherapie Dunnewolt (S.Dunnewolt)​

Basic Life Support (EMS)

Lymphatic-, Visceral- and Vagus Mojo (Dr. P. Nickelston)

Post Concussion Rehabilitation (Z-Health)

Breathing Gym, Vision Gym, Balance Gym & Strength Gym (Z-Health)

Viscerale technieken (IAO)

Craniosacraal therapie (IAO)


Robert Kuizenga osteopath AGBcode: 90116769 and NRO member (NRO-10497)


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