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Osteopathy for Singers: Voice/Vocal Care

Robert Kuizenga, both an osteopath and a professional classical singer, offers expert care for vocalists at Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy. His firsthand experience in the professional singing world equips him with unique insights to assist singers with their vocal issues and related conditions.

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As a specialized osteopath, Robert Kuizenga treats many singers referred by vocal coaches, ENT doctors, or speech therapists at Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy. Through a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, he identifies factors contributing to the development and persistence of vocal issues. The essential physical examination not only focuses on the vocal area but the entire body, with special attention to posture, breathing, muscular compensations during singing, and dysfunctions in all related joints, including the cervical region, jaw, neck, ribs, and spine. After all, singing involves the whole body. Treatment primarily involves mobilizing less mobile regions (including laryngeal manual therapy) and exercises aimed at stability and mobility.

Collaboration Available

My practice, Amsterdam Osteo Osteopathy, collaborates closely with an ENT doctor, vocal coach, speech therapist, breath coach, psychologist, osteopath, posture therapist, acupuncturist, and holistic doctor. Depending on the singer's complaints, I recommend one or more of my colleagues, often acting as a case manager.

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You can schedule an appointment here (please mention in the appointment notes that you are coming for vocal care). For more information, you can send an email to

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